2nd Grade - Kathy Jackson

Aloha and Welcome to Second Grade! Come explore and learn!

What an incredible first four weeks of school! Second grade is quite different from first grade--instead of a packet of homework due on Friday--we have nightly homework due the next day! Most are really stepping up to the challenge! A few are still struggling but definitely getting an "A" for effort. Every Friday, we have a "Ketchup" session for those with incomplete assignments.
We are still really working on classroom behavior. We have read and discussed 2 stories about talking in the classroom: Lacie Walker Non-Stop Talker--which addresses "when" talking is appropriate and Decibella and Her 6 Inch Voice--which addresses voice level--both are presently a "work in progress" for us!
The issue of frequent restroom use needed to be addressed as well. I usually have a "go when needed" policy--just signing in and out to make sure I know where all students are all the time, but the privilege was being abused--with some students using class time 10 times or more during the day! --having students constantly leaving and returning--with the "snowball" affect occurring, limited use during class was begun--notification being given on Class Dojo. Believe me, the last thing I want is a student having to wait when they need to go--or heaven forbid--an accident occurring. I remind students when they go to recess to make it a priority to use the restroom and get water. Also please notify me in Class Dojo if your child has a medical issue that requires frequent use! Remind your child that learning is limited and time wasted when students constantly leave the classroom.
Learning Goals for September: greater number sense with 3-digit numbers, reading fiction/non-fiction stories, discussing plot, setting, characters, problem, and solution, ability to write complete sentences (using subject and predicate) and combining them in a 5-sentence paragraph, writing a friendly letter following correct format, reading/discussing poetry, understand, discuss, and experiment of the 3 forms of matter, discussing history, past and present.
Yes, a very busy month!
Dates to remember: 9/8: picture day, 9/22 Teddy Bear Sleepover, 10/1 Banta Hay Day, 10/6 field trip

Mrs. Jackson


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